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Iceland by bicycle days seven and eight

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While a broken pole during the pitch may have raised concerns (easily fixed by a Pole Doctor) a wind that screamed up the valley at midnight prompted a move.As the eerie twilight became another clear, crystalline morning in the mountains, the scene from the tent door was benign, betraying the canada goose outlet niagara falls previous night.Breakfasting and striking camp quickly, I pushed off and retraced my route for a couple of kilometres before stopping for pictures at the head canada goose factory outlet vancouver of route 35 the Kjolur.The Kjolur is one of two main routes across the stark interior of Iceland. It is regarded as the easier canada goose outlet kokemuksia and, at 200km, is shorter. Largely gravel road, passage is made easier by the pipe bridges which cross rivers en route. The longer Sprengisandur involves fording braided glacial rivers maybe next time.Leaving the Tarmac once more, I began my journey south proper. The first section followed the lovely valley of the Blanda and as canada goose outlet price the road climbed the head of the valley the scenery became increasingly wild and barren. As it did so, the road slowly deteriorated and I soon learned why the Kjolur remains a challenge for the cyclist. The passage of 4 rakes the gravel into ridges a washboard. These humps look pretty insignificant at first but they are arranged in such a way to cause maximum discomfort. My memory of A Level maths is hazy at best but I sure it possible to prove that the ridges of the Kjolur are set at the optimum frequency to shake a bike to bits and dislodge a few fillings and brain cells.Avoiding the ridges can be tricky. It may be possible to find a better line on the edges of the road and sometimes at the centre, but rocks and soft sand are the main hazards away from the main tyre tracks. My two inch Schwalbe Marathon Extremes were no match for the sand.Fully engaged in my riding, I soon reached the Afangi mountain canada goose uk hut, one of a handful of welcome canada goose uk site stop offs on the main Kjolur promising refreshment, a flattish place to camp and a bed in a dorm if you need it.I heaved Tango across the rough driveway and tried a door locked. I searched its prefabricated frontage in vain and hunted round he back where I found a small terrace and ubiquitous hot pots. The entry was, of course, obvious and I found it eventually. The exertions of canada goose womens outlet the morning canada goose outlet nyc were evidently taking their toll.I walked into a modest yet welcoming dining area and joined just one other traveller, a motorist, taking a break from the rattling progress of the road.My requirements were simple: coffee and cake, and lots canada goose clothing uk of it please. My host a lovely, chatty Icelandic woman delivered. I was pleased to see Hjnabandssla was on the menu so I ordered a large portion with whipped cream. A huge coffee urn was canada goose outlet toronto location placed on my table and I helped myself with relish.I polished off the cake at an equally embarrassing rate. However, seemingly impressed with my enthusiasm, my host offed me more on the house. you can eat it, you can have it, she said.Like other Icelanders I met, she thought my cycle trip canada goose outlet washington dc was daft. I tried to extol the virtues of canada goose discount uk the bike, all in vain.Energised with the caffeine and sugar, I filled my bottle and headed out again for Canada Goose Outlet some more Gerjigga road passed pallid lakes and climbed canada goose outlet england steadily, the odd steep section forcing me to click down and spin the pedals, my rear wheel fighting for grip on the loose surface.Day tripping motorists in hire 4x4s passed me. Most gave me a wide berth. A few demonstrated a collective ignorance that blights many official canada goose outlet a driver in the UK. Plenty gave me a wave of encouragement though. The best came from a couple in a tiny Suzuki who gave me a dual hand clap in perfect unison. I laughed out loud, which only heightened their evident delight.The road crested a hill and another landmark I read about came into view. Matching Tango’s Agent Orange livery, the Arnarbaeli emergency hut provides refuge for travellers in difficulty. A German couple were parked outside who offered me food and water, a lovely gesture which I canada goose outlet london uk declined as I had all I needed.They left me to savour the sanctuary of the hut alone. Despite a generator burbling beneath the raised wooden building providing welcome warmth, the wind could still be heard outside.The dusty hut was cleaner canada goose outlet woodbury than I expected, with a small common room and tiny sleeping area. The walls were, in effect, a visitor book with messages and other pearls of wisdom from fellow Kjolur travellers the most entertaining missive adorned the back of the door.I pushed on and a new focal point materialised, the distant bulk of the Hofsjokull Icecap. canada goose outlet online reviews It was hard to judge distance in the haze. The map confirmed I unicorndesigns had some way to travel.The road now changed. The raised loose gravel became a bulldozed track littered with rocks. The ridges were now sporadic and, while rough, progress was a little more straightforward rather than easy. I pedalled on, my gaze fixed on finding the best line.The daily bus which plies the Kjolur during the summer months thundered by, throwing up a choking cloud of dust. The cloud cleared to reveal a young canada goose outlet new york city couple walking towards me hand in hand. I canada goose outlet in new york stopped to chat. They worked at either end canada goose outlet vancouver of the Kjolur and were hitching the road in order to spend as much time as possible together. Progress so far had been painfully slow. Save for an SLR camera, tripod and day sacs they were lightly equipped. Did they worry about spending the night out? I asked. Not really. They had faith they get a lift.

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