“I am not pursuing a career in the arts for fame or cheap

Aspiring Actress Missing In Oregon Found Safe UPDATE

high end replica bags When Helenius failed to contact her family Saturday night, they called her mobile phone several times. The employee said the phone had been turned in by a man who said he found it. high end replica bags

After viewing video surveillance at the Fake Designer Bags Dairy Queen, detectives identified the driver of the car that dropped off the phone. When detectives questioned him he said he’d seen someone in replica handbags online a nearby parking lot throw the phone from a car, police said.

replica bags The small city of Creswell is located approximately 133 miles south of the Embassy Suites Hotel and is in the direction opposite from Helenius’ home, which is roughly 12 miles west of Portland. replica bags

Her mother, Melody, toldPortland’s KGW TVthat her daughter had been excited about attending the Landmark Forum.

replica designer backpacks “Making things Replica Bags better. Volunteering. Being a better person,” she said of her daughter’s personality. replica designer backpacks

best replica bags The Landmark Forum has https://www.ermobags.com been described Replica Handbags as acult allegations replica Purse that the organization hassteadfastly denied. Some former attendees have made accusations of, among other things, brainwashing, rigid rules, verbal abuse and KnockOff Handbags grueling “marathon group encounter sessions.”Landmark has attributed such criticisms to relatively few Replica Designer Handbags of its attendees and cited high quality replica handbags experts who have disputed the characterization of Landmark’s programs as cult like. best replica bags

high quality designer replica The Landmark Forum released a statement on aaa replica designer handbags Monday about Helenius’ disappearance. It reads: high quality designer replica

“We have been in communication with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office to give them all the information we wholesale replica designer handbags have to support them in their efforts to locate Demi. Our thoughts and Designer Replica Bags concerns are with Demi and her family and like her family, we hope she is safe and found quickly.”

The same day, a family member posted a brief Fake Handbags statement replica bags about Helenius’ disappearance on her Instagram page.

aaa replica bags “We are worried. and love her more than words Wholesale Replica Bags can say,” Designer Fake Bags the post reads. aaa replica bags

On Monday, Helenius’ car, a 2013 Volkswagen Bug, was found abandoned in the 1100 block of purse replica handbags Pacific Highway in Cottage Grove. The location is roughly 10 miles south of Creswell. According to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, “a very cursory examination of the car at the scene found no foul play.” The vehicle has since been transported to the Oregon State Police crime lab.

cheap designer bags replica Helenius’ IMBD profile states she was a semi finalist in the “Teen Idol” talent competition in 2011. “I am not pursuing a career in the arts for fame or cheap replica handbags to be remembered. I am just pursuing the arts for the hell of it and because it fills my soul with happiness.” cheap designer bags replica

Helenius’ Facebook page Handbags Replica was recently taken replica handbags china down. It’s unclear whether that has any connection to her disappearance.

high replica bags Helenius’ disappearance Replica Bags Wholesale is somewhat reminiscent of the case of James Brian Rowe, a 27 year old man who vanished after attending a Landmark Forum seminar in Denver in July 2004. Police have not indicated that the cases of Rowe or Helenius are connected, or that either disappearance has anything whatsoever to do with the Landmark Forum. high replica bags

high quality replica bags Demi Helenius is described as a white female, 5 feet, three inches tall and 136 pounds. She has blue eyes and when she was last seen her hair was dyed red. She may be wearing glasses and has several small tattoos on her hand, wrist and forearm, include bright red lips, a queen of hearts, and the words “believe” and “Jesus.” high quality replica bags

best replica designer Anyone with information about her disappearance is asked to contact the Washington County Sheriff’s Office at 503 846 2500. best replica designer

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story stated Demi Helenius lives in the town of Rock Creek, which is 140 miles east of Portland. Helenius actually lives in the Washington County neighborhood of Rock Creek, which is roughly 12 miles west of Portland.