Hired another best friend as CFO

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canada goose I started the company with a friend. Hired a best friend as CTO a couple of years later. Hired another best friend as CFO. Hired a friend as a graphic designer. As of this week, none canada goose outlet eu of them are here any longer. We all still canada goose womens outlet friends but for various reasons, it didn work out in business. My only complaint is that because they were friends, I didn negotiate ruthlessly with them because I wanted to save the friendship. I believe in all cases, they were paid too much and have too much equity for the contributions the company received. Both other executives in the company made the same salary as myself. My CTO made more. canada goose

buy canada goose uk canada goose jacket All in all, I wouldn do it again. buy canada goose jacket

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buy canada goose jacket cheap 1) I quit my job on the promise of $500k seed canada goose outlet jackets from an angel. After receiving and spending the first $70k by hiring people and getting office space etc. I was informed there would be no more coming due to a personal issue. With a team and just an idea at that point, I scrambled and raised $220k from friends and family in $5k $40k increments. That was enough to canada goose outlet canada get us through to our first customers (B2B) and we lived off of revenue ever since. However, I still keep the canada goose jacket outlet toronto option open for a true seed round at some point to perhaps accelerate growth. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Canada Goose Outlet 2) The large downsides of doing this were a) We sold a sizable portion of the canada goose outlet company at a low valuation because these were friends and family. b) My cap table is a mess with so many small investors. Various M discussions have pointed this out repeatedly. c) Because it friends and family, at social functions, I often have to be “on” canada goose outlet us and willing to discuss the company even if it the last thing I feel like doing. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose store 4) I in Canada and unless we have personally guaranteed loans, canada goose outlet michigan I found it canada goose outlet seattle very difficult to take on any debt funding. canada goose store

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Canada Goose online Our canada goose outlet edmonton stupid far left government in British Columbia didn want a pipeline built so kept stalling. So the feds ended up buying the company for $4.5 billion because they can canada goose jacket outlet uk force the pipeline to go canada goose discount uk through. So now we get a pipeline anyway and nobody is happy because we don want the canada goose outlet price feds spending our money on what should have been a private project. All because our backwards provincial government that struck canada goose outlet new york city a deal with the hippies. Oh. And our neighbour to the south is a canada goose outlet orlando nut job and the pipeline is meant to help diversify our economy away from that nut job Canada Goose online.