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WWE has actually been doing this for a while. The dirtsheets and interwebz smarks (even JR) think they have it all figured out and they anoint their next IT guy, only to have WWE throw a swerve and go in a different direction. If they actually commented on it, it would seem like they doing it just to throw off the nethounds, but regardless, it really smart booking.

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buy canada goose jacket cheap 47 points submitted 5 days agoI honestly feel like Jo was possibly the perfect tank before her rework. She was incredibly tough to kill, however to compensate her damage was pretty low (although condemn was good enough to waveclear) and her CC abilities weren too oppressive.I mean I imagine most players like tanks that can delete canada goose outlet online uk enemy players by themselves, but I loved Johanna just because she was a constant thorn in the enemy side and she could often stall vs 2 (sometimes more) players by herself until your team mates show up. She was like the ultimate battle of attrition hero.Then that rework came along, lowering her health and her health regeneration buy canada goose jacket cheap.